Sunday, February 12, 2012

Welcome to the Lafayette County Genealogy Queries blog

I am constantly fascinated with technology and its constant changes.  Ten years ago we were doing queries the old fashioned way and boy was it tough on the county coordinators.  I started thinking about a way for us to communicate with others about our research without monopolizing a great deal of the county coordinator's time, namely me.  I would much rather be helping you with your research and helping you find clues that may help you than working endlessly on updating webpages.  So we are going to try a blog, which by the way, is also searchable.  I am hoping this will streamline things a bit and let us get to working on some of those brick walls.

Thanks so much

Michi Rasberry


  1. Am interested in Campbell and Hill in Lafayette County. Have a marriage record of a Prince Albert HILL marrying Mary J CAMPBELL 23 Dec 1869. I think this could be my Mary Jane CAMPBELL and it is interesting because she will eventually have a nephew named Prince Albert and this could be the origin of his name.

  2. William M. Church and his wife, Minnie, lived in Lafayette Co. (Roane Township) from very early 1900's until Minnie's death in 1941. William married Sallie Johnson in Lafayette Co. in 1942.I cannot find death information on William M. Church. If anyone knows anything about William or either of his wives, I would appreciate your contacting me.

  3. I am trying to locate some info concerning my ancestor Lewis Burkett...he was murdered in February 1860 there in Lafayette County according to info I can find on the Mortality Schedules for 1860. Not sure if there are records somewhere there in Lafayette County but would like to correspond with someone there who might be able to help me locate info concerning Levi and the events surrounding his murder. Thanks! Danny

  4. Just noticed I had the name wrong on my post...should be LEVI Burkett.

  5. I have hit a brick wall concerning my relative John "Wash" Washington Johnson, born 18 June 1857, born Georgia, died 9 April 1925 in Arkansas. He is buried in Lakeside Cemetery in Stamps with his wife Ida Bernice Hatch and was married previously to Martha Docia Haynes who is buried in Macedonia Cemetery south of Hope. Where my brick wall lies is in locating is parents and siblings. I have quite a collection on his family after his birth. Children, husband/wifes, children, etc. and would be more than happy to share. He was my great grandfather. You can contact me at

  6. 24 MArch 1838 WIlliam B. WIlliams was granted a letter of administration for estate of Vines Browder I need a copy of the inventory and dispersion of his estate. I need to prove WIlliam B Williams wife Mary Ann Browder is the daughter of Vines.

    1. Although there is a letter of administration, unless the deceased had quite an extensive estate, there may not be a copy of the inventory and dispersion of the estate. I have run across this recently. My suggestion would be to call the Lafayette County Clerk and ask if there may be such a document. Most county clerks have that on file.